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Intensive Seminar Courses and Trips

In addition to traditional semester abroad programs, NEC offers courses in which students travel around the world – and there’s no extra cost. Our Study Away Courses connect classroom learning with professor-led trips.

Trips have included:

  • Belize – LAS 2130 Tropical Marine Biology
  • Gaspe Peninsula, Canada – OE 4610 Capstone Experience: Leading Trips and Career Exploration
  • Kenya – BU 3990 Sustainable Entrepreneur and Innovation
  • New York City – LAS1120 Democratic Values in a Digitally Connected World
  • Staunton, Virginia (American Shakespeare Center) – TH 2010 Theatre Lab
  • Staunton, Virginia (American Shakespeare Center) – TH 3240 Directing

What Students Said About Their Experience

Students, and faculty, visited two human rights agencies in New York City, September 2017. They spoke with representatives of the UNICEF USA Headquarters, and the NYC Commission on Human Rights. They also took the opportunity to visited the 9/11 – Ground Zero Reflection Pools, and the Empire State Building.

After visiting with UNICEF USA in New York, I realized how fortunate I am because many children do not have access to clean water, food, or education. This presentation persuaded me to want to reach out to kids and to help them in any way I can. I definitely left with a more informed perspective and I am truly grateful to our presenters.”


I learned that UNICEFs mission is to advocate for children around the world and for each child to grow up healthy and educated. I was inspired by what they do and I learned that it is not that hard to help. I can even start a chapter at my college. There are so many ways to get involved.”


Every person in this world deserves to be treated as an equal human being. We all deserve the same opportunities in life. I am glad organizations such as UNICEF USA and The New York City Commission on Human Rights exist. They stand up for those who are not in- the position to do so.”


I admire what the City of New York is doing with its work through the Commission on Human Rights. The presentation brought me to the real world and I now realize how much work there is to be done to further human rights for all.”


It meant a lot to me that a woman from my culture was in a position of importance at the New York City Commission on Human Rights. I don’t see this that often. I realize how privileged I am as a Hispanic woman and it made me want to get out there and do my part.”

Blogs with Some Great Images of Past NEC Trips

Check out NEC’s trip blogs below to see what an incredible learning experience our Study Away Courses are.

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(all students, faculty, staff, and alumni are welcome to travel with NEC)